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1 week in “the real world”!

31 May

Hey Colby Theater and Dance,
I found myself with some unexpected downtime this evening, and thought what a better time to write in to our brand new blog (thanks Annie!).
So just a little background for those who don’t know me…I just graduated (last Sunday) with a BA in Theater & Dance and Anthropology. It’s still a little surreal, but hitting the ground running has kept my mind off the completely cliche “real world” phenomenon.
Well, almost…I did have a major audition this past weekend in Philadelphia with the Walnut Street Theater. It would have meant a full-year apprenticeship contract, performing children’s theater, teaching classroom workshops and doing community outreach with area schools, and understudying for the Theater’s mainstage performances (in other words, an amazing gig!). It’s never fun getting cut from an audition, but unfortunately it was part of the process this time around (only 4 out of about 100 received contracts, and that was after an initial application round of about 400/500 actors). I did leave the audition with some thoughts about how to prep for any in the future, and trying to remember that there’s always something to learn from an audition (the ones that end in contracts and those that don’t). Of course I was unhappy (I’ll admit, I even cried a little heading back to my hotel room), but I am focusing now on some other opportunities including following up on some networking with a few Colby alums I happened to meet in my travels.
In other, happier news, I am in rehearsal four days a week for “Sunday in the Park with George” at the Heartwood Regional Theater in Damriscotta, Maine (I’ll be playing Dot). We had our first off-book rehearsal Saturday and go into staging Tuesday. Our AD is fantastic and already has us on a basically complete stage…all of the major set pieces are in place and a lot of the technical work is done (truly invaluable as this is a tech-intricate production and a lot of his staging ideas have us interacting with the tech). I am finding the music just as challenging as I expected (this will be my third Sondheim show), so I really have appreciated a little extra rehearsal time with our music director and our AEA George. It’s strange to think we’ll be going up in just three weeks, but I think we’ll all be ready,
I also received my contract for “Fafalo!” with the Ziggurat Theatre Ensemble…my first real theater contract! I’ll be getting a lot more information throughout June, but in the meantime just signing my contract was certainly a bit of a big deal!
Just a bit of a taste of my first week in “the real world”. More to come later in the summer of course, so until then!
– Alexandra