From Mike: Reporting Live from Brown

2 Jul

One weekend down and I’m already a little exhausted, but that’s fine.

For those of you who don’t know (which is everyone) I’m doing the Brown/Trinity Apprentice Program at Brown University.  Basically my job is to take classes, help out with the productions this Summer and mentor high schoolers in another summer program.  It’s a lot, but I’m excited to jump into everything.

I got here on Friday had a little meet and greet and settled into my apartment.  It’s a rather old house (from the 1860s or something like that) and I’m 76% sure it’s haunted.  Seriously.  I have a growing suspicion someone was murdered or least severely maimed on my staircase, due to some suspicious stains I can’t explain.  At night the place emits this weird noise that sounds a lot like the music on the main page of a Wii.  Again, I’m not kidding.  But aside from a murderous ghost that apparently likes tennis, the place is nice and spacious.  It also doesn’t have WiFi.

My Saturday was spent putting up posters in Providence’s Italian district.  In order to understand the slight failure of this adventure, you need to see the poster:

While very eye-catching, the nature of the poster (in all its stabby glory) meant no fancy restaurant or gallery would hang it.  So, of course, the majority of the places on our street were fancy restaurants and galleries.

The real work starts on Tuesday.  That’s when the real schedule kicks in and I’ll probably have no time for anything but sleep and food (although I’ve been told I’ll probably have to pick one of those per week).

My goal is to post every Monday since it’s my only day off.  Yay.

Signing Off,

Mike Trottier


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